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Health Psychology and Human Nature

Apr 3, 2020

What is physical intelligence? Sometimes, you need to do it to know it. Your hands have to be on the steering wheel to learn the feel of slipping tires. You need to be watching the traffic to judge the best moment to cross the road. Everything we do, from changing a lightbulb to navigating unknown terrain relies on physical intelligence, our oldest and most important form of cognition according to Professor Scott Grafton. To learn more check out his book: Physical Intelligence : The Science of Thinking Without Thinking

Scott Grafton is a distinguished professor at UC Santa Barbara and the director of the UCSB imaging center. He is interested in how people organize movement into goal-oriented action. The emphasis is on elucidating the cognitive architecture that underlies action representation. This is developed with studies of sequence and skill acquisition, motor simulation, sensorimotor transformation, on-line control and action observation experiments. Brain-behavior relationships are defined using fMRI, transcranial magnetic stimulation, patient based research and high-density electroencephalography.

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