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Health Psychology and Human Nature

Mar 10, 2020

In today's episode Professor Bobby Duffy explains why we are wrong about a lot of things like murder rate and the number of teenage moms. We talk about fascinating concepts like: emotional innumeracy, confirmation bias, rosy retrospection and other biases. We also get into the dangers of not having a balanced view of the current state of our countries and the world. To learn more read Bobby’s book: Why We're Wrong About Nearly Everything: A Theory of Human Misunderstanding

Bobby is Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Policy Institute. Prior to joining King's in 2018, Bobby was Managing Director of Public Affairs for Ipsos MORI, which is a team of around 250 researchers in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Brussels, and Global Director of the Ipsos Social Research Institute, across around 30 countries. 

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Friends, hope you enjoy the episode.